3 Brilliantly Easy Ways to Exercise With Your Family

Remember the days of playing hide and seek, tag, or hopscotch? Exercise seemed to be such a natural part of most of our childhoods. But for many of us, as we got older, we swapped out kickball for an iPhone and jump rope for Netflix.

But now you have a family, and you want to make sure you teach your kids, nephews, or younger cousins’ healthy habits they’ll hang onto for life. To help you out with that, here are three easy ways to get you and your loved ones moving:

1. Stretch It Out

Before everyone zips out the door in the morning, make sure to start off on the right foot. Stretching first thing in the morning helps to boost energy, increase your metabolism, and stay loose and limber throughout the day.

Get your children involved by having them choose the stretches. Make a list of your favorite stretches – or reach out to us, and we’d be happy to send you ours. Write each stretch on a piece of paper, and put them all in a bowl. Then have your child pick two from the bowl every morning for family stretch time. Kids LOVE this!

2. Yoga

If you’ve ever done a “downward dog” or “child’s pose,” you’ve experienced firsthand just how incredibly relaxing yoga can be. Regardless of your experience or age, yoga offers tremendous benefits to help you and your family feel better from head to toe.

Here are three of the MANY perks of yoga:

  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Reduced stress and inflammation
  • Increased energy and lifted moods

So, sign up for a family class or catch a session on YouTube for some easy family-friendly poses.

3. The Midday Shake Out

By the time your day is in full swing, your kiddo’s energy levels are soaring at their highest. Take advantage of that and sneak in some high-intensity movements that’ll be sure to get all their wiggles out.

Choose three exercises from the below list and do them for 30 seconds each. Turn on some fun music, repeat each exercise 2-3 times and be sure to take a quick rest for 30 seconds in between each round. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Squats
  • Hopscotch
  • Crab walk
  • Dance-off

This activity break is also a must-do if you find your kiddo is a bit too glued to the screen in the evening. 😊📱 (Plus, it’ll make for a great sleep!)

Get Moving!

The best part about all these options is that there’s no equipment needed. That means you can do them anywhere – at home, on vacations, or that weekend trip to Grandma’s.

For maximum success, choose your favorite tip from this list and schedule it in one day next week. Then, the next week, add in a second one. Be consistent with it, and before long, you and your family will be well on your way to lifelong healthy habits!

Dr. Joseph Wahl