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Peaches Are Healthier For You Than You Think!

August 8, 2019 / Comments Off on Peaches Are Healthier For You Than You Think!

One of summertime’s best perks is the ability to enjoy a wide array of seasonal fruits like watermelon, pears, apricots, and nectarines. But the one summer fruit that stands out above the rest for its juicy and sweet interior is the delicious peach! According to the most recent nutritional data, peaches pack a powerful punch…

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Avoiding the Superbugs!

May 16, 2019 / Comments Off on Avoiding the Superbugs!

Antibiotics were lifesavers when first used during WWII. They kept our soldiers from dying of sepsis or other life-threatening infections brought on by surgery and injury. There’s no question that these drugs were important in that situation. But now, 70 years later, we are observing the unintended consequences from wide-spread overuse of this class of…

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It’s Time For Spring Cleaning!

May 2, 2019 / Comments Off on It’s Time For Spring Cleaning!

May is one of the happiest months of the year! It’s when we start looking forward to summer adventures, become inspired about clearing some of our clutter and dust off our outdoor furniture to embrace the warmer weather. It’s also a great time to think about clearing out the clutter and debris that have accumulated…

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5 Non-Toxic Products for Every Home

March 28, 2019 / Comments Off on 5 Non-Toxic Products for Every Home

Most of us aspire to having a home free of toxic chemicals, but a quick trip to the health food store makes that dream come crashing down. Shelves full of ‘all natural’ products, which basically means nothing, leaves the best of us feeling defeated and willing to defer the decision to another day. But today’s…

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7 Best Thyroid Healing Foods

February 28, 2019 / Comments Off on 7 Best Thyroid Healing Foods

If you or someone you know is dealing with a thyroid condition including Hashimoto’s, Graves’, or general hypothyroidism, there are a few basic things you can do to make a dramatic impact on your thyroid health. Not surprisingly, the most important one has to do with the foods you eat! Just like any other gland…

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3 Wintertime Immune-Boosting Strategies

February 14, 2019 / Comments Off on 3 Wintertime Immune-Boosting Strategies

We know the feeling all too well: a slight headache, a twinge-like feeling in the sinuses, muscle aches, and a slight shiver – all indications we’re about to come down with something. Wintertime colds and flus aren’t always avoidable, so having the strategies and support readily available before you get caught in the swirl of…

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Protecting Your Health as You Age

December 6, 2018 / Comments Off on Protecting Your Health as You Age

Getting older has its benefits for sure. Not only do we have the advantage of more life experience, we gain new perspectives on relationships, work/life balance and what’s truly important. Gone are the days of worrying about what someone else thinks about us, or whether we are up on the latest fashions. It seems to…

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Tips for Traveling Well

July 5, 2018 / Comments Off on Tips for Traveling Well

If you’ve ever traveled, you know how challenging it can be to make sure every detail has been taken care of before you leave. And once you’re on the way, there are different obstacles that have to be navigated including poor food quality and lack of movement while flying. So, let’s take a look at…

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5 Benefits of Sweating

May 22, 2018 / Comments Off on 5 Benefits of Sweating

Very few people wake up in the morning, excited about getting their sweat on. Social conventions don’t look kindly on sweaty armpits or glistening skin. But there are a number of positive reasons to incorporate regular sweating into your health program. Detoxification Believe it or not, your body expels one liter of sweat every single…

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Women Need Female Friendships!

April 30, 2018 / Comments Off on Women Need Female Friendships!

Human beings need connection, and that’s a reality most people won’t dispute. But technology, time, and work-life balance woes contribute to the breaking down of our personal and professional lives. This breakdown contributes greatly to regular anxiety, feelings of aloneness, and other mental wellness issues. Of course, this affects our health and our overall quality…

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