Avoiding the Superbugs!

Antibiotics were lifesavers when first used during WWII. They kept our soldiers from dying of sepsis or other life-threatening infections brought on by surgery and injury. There’s no question that these drugs were important in that situation. But now, 70 years later, we are observing the unintended consequences from wide-spread overuse of this class of drug. Bacterial resistance has reached a level where even health officials aren’t sure what to do. But fortunately, there are a few simple tricks to protect yourself from the superbugs!

Wash your hands with water only

The research is solid about the dangers of antibacterial soaps. In fact, they’ve shown that warm water works just as well to keep your hands free from unwelcome bacteria.

Use ecofriendly soaps wherever possible

Most cleaning products are loaded with antibacterial compounds which only create more superbugs. This can include body soaps, hand soaps, dishwashing soaps, and even laundry soaps. To find out if a commercial brand is safe, check out www.ewg.org for the overall toxicity score before buying.

Avoid Teflon and other designer kitchen utensils

These products have antibacterial compounds imbedded in the handles and other external surfaces. Regardless of the claims on the label, you’re better off and much safer with stainless steel or glass.

Include a quality Cod Liver Oil in your daily regime

One of the best ways to bolster your immune system so it can be vigilant against any potential invader is by taking a high-quality Cod Liver Oil. Not only does CLO supercharge your bacteria-killing cells, but it contains the perfect amount of vitamin D as it comes from nature. The one we recommend is free from heavy metals and other toxins that are often found in store-bought brands.

Eat plenty of fermented food and prebiotic fibers

Fermented foods strengthen your bacterial immune system to help keep you safe. The best fermented foods will be in plastic or, if sourced locally, a glass quart jar with a screw-on lid. Almost any vegetable can be fermented. But if you are averse to the taste, prebiotic foods such as onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, and bananas are wonderful food sources for your intestinal immune system, aka the microbiome.

Keeping your body as healthy as possible includes maintaining a good diet, getting plenty of sleep, engaging in regular exercise and keeping a smile on your face with a positive attitude. We are complex human beings and need to incorporate as many different health-promoting activities as we can. There’s no pressure to incorporate all of these recommendations at one time. All you have to do is simply pick one and get started!

Dr. Joseph Wahl