Expert Nutrition Advisor

Given the proper nutrition, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself.

Expert Nutrition Advisor is a patient education service that teaches the value of nutritional care and the whole-food philosophy. It can answer any questions you have about whole food supplements. It is a new service we are utilizing to help our patients better understand the products Dr. Wahl recommends as part of their treatment plan. You do not have to be a current patient to view the information.
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Chiropractic is composed of a science, art and philosophy. It was truly the philosophy, that underlying belief in a vitalistic model, that the body is living, full of intelligence, and ultimately self-correcting and healing, that I fell in love with.

After 27 years of practice, I am still amazed at the perceived miracles I witness daily in regards to healing by simply providing the body with the specific nutrients it needs to heal and repair itself. Of course it's not a miracle, it's normal biochemistry.

The way to healing our world begins with healing ourselves; pure body,
clear mind, open heart.

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